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I've tried logging my exercise and diet – but are health apps really a good idea?  The Guardian

There's an app for just about every aspect of wellbeing, from training to water consumption to menstruation. Do they help build good habits, or is there a darker ...

Japan's Princess Masako opens up on insecurities and health  BBC News

Japan's Crown Princess Masako says she feels "insecure" about becoming empress in April, but will do her best to serve the people of Japan. Masako Owada ...

Health park ‘will boost Northern Ireland economy by £47m a year’  Belfast Telegraph

The new King's Hall Health and Wellbeing Park will boost Northern Ireland's economy by £47m a year and support 640 jobs, according to an economic impact ...

Lack of mental health information could cost lives this Christmas  News & Star

Lives could be lost this Christmas if desperate people cannot access mental health services.

Health and Social Care Secretary bans fax machines in NHS  GOV.UK

Matt Hancock has banned the NHS from buying fax machines and has ordered a complete phase-out by April 2020.

Can following every government health guideline really make me fitter?

It's Day Two of my attempt to live according to the government's health advice and I think I may have overdosed on citrus.

Charlie Rowley: Novichok victim 'terrified' about health  BBC News

Charlie Rowley says he is struggling to see and to walk properly since being poisoned.

Treating an issue the size of mental health shouldn’t be trial and error – but it’s going that way for GPs  The Independent

If you spend any time reading or watching the news, you will not be a stranger to the great work being done to break down the stigma around mental illness.

Is a glass of red wine a day good for you? Health myth DEBUNKED  Express

RED WINE is believed by many to hold a host of health benefits. But is the popular tipple actually as good for you as people say it is, or is it in fact a health myth?

The right to health  The Lancet

Human Rights Day is recognised annually on Dec 10, and this year is especially important since it is the 70th anniversary of the day that the UN General ...

Norfolk bridge closed to walkers following health and safety concerns | Politics  Eastern Daily Press

Ramblers, dog walkers, runners and cyclists have been prevented from crossing a bridge along a scenic path after it was closed following health and safety ...

Norfolk cancer sufferer helped by Macmillan and npower bill scheme | Health  Eastern Daily Press

A single mum of five said the pressure of paying for heating while she underwent treatment for cancer made her mental health “fall to pieces”.

Resilience In The Face of Disruption: The Health Services Perspective  Forbes

by Amanda Evison and Alice Zhou. It's become a bit of a truism that, at this point in the 21st century, every industry has experienced disruption. Behemoth ...

Mental health: The NHS patients who are 'abused and ignored'  BBC News

New rights should be given to severely ill mental health patients detained in hospital to stop abuse and neglect of this vulnerable group, a review says. The 1983 ...

Northants health trust urges people struggling with their mood over Christmas to seek help  Northamptonshire Telegraph

A campaign to help encourage individuals who are struggling with low mood, stress or anxiety to seek support over the festive period has been launched.

Push for more take-up of flu vaccine before Christmas  BBC News

Public Health England (PHE) is urging pregnant women and those over 65 to get the flu jab, after a fall in take-up compared to this time last year. PHE said it was ...

Pacific people back call for mental health services  Radio New Zealand

Pacific people are backing calls for mental health services to be overhauled.

Diary of a Badman star Humza explores mental health in Asian culture  Metro

Mental health is stigmatised in a lot of different communities, and men in particular can find it hard to open up. Thankfully, in the 21st-century people are carving ...

My Christmas tree health-and-safety nightmare

My Christmas tree health-and-safety nightmare on The Spectator | Decorating a tree on the unfinished minstrels' gallery was an appealing idea if only for the…

Plans for 'better value for money' healthcare in Jersey and Guernsey  ITV News

High-quality healthcare could be delivered across both Guernsey and Jersey in an attempt to make medical services "better value for money" for islanders.

Column: Health Care Mergers Poison for Patients  Valley News

Big corporations often tout their mergers as promoting efficiency and helping consumers, but too often the public ends up with fewer choices and higher prices.

Government announces £8m to change health services in Hinckley  Leicestershire Live

But there are fears for the future of the Mount Road Hospital.

Health insurance boss warns on public hospitals

The head of one of the country's main health insurance providers has criticised public hospitals for.

State mental health plan praised at hearing amid concerns about funding  Concord Monitor

Patrick Dowling said he feels more like a prisoner than a hospital patient when he goes to the emergency room during a mental health crisis.Sometimes, there ...

Mental health inquiry 'must cover Tawel Fan dementia ward'  BBC News

An assembly mental health inquiry needs to cover questions about Tawel Fan dementia ward, an AM says.

10 ways to detect health-care lies | TheHill  The Hill

In the past several months, we have observed blatant signs of deceptive, misleading, unsubstantiated and foolish statements in the health-care industry.

Norfolk bridge closed due to health and safety concerns  Eastern Daily Press

A Norfolk bridge has been closed following health and safety concerns.

Dr James Bell: UK Sport appoint first mental health lead  BBC Sport

UK Sport has appointed its first head of mental health as part of measures to help top British athletes deal with mental health issues.

HEALTH: The high-tech quick fix for your pelvic floor  Daily Mail

According to the Bladder and Bowel Organisation, as many as 40 per cent of women are troubled by urinary stress incontinence at some point in their life.

San Diego, Tijuana experts head off health issues at border  Seattle Times

Accessible health care inside shelters is an important part of keeping disease outbreaks from moving into the general population that crosses the border by the ...

Rural group disappointed at mental health inquiry  Newshub

A rural support group is underwhelmed with the Government's inquiry into mental health and addiction, saying not enough is being done to support the sector.

Health technology can help spot serious illness and prevent it  GOV.UK

Matt Hancock talks about the importance of personalisation, predictive prevention and personal responsibility around technology in health and social care.

Improving veterans' mental health in New Jersey  New Jersey 101.5 FM Radio

A New Jersey health care group has received a three-year $375000 federal grant to address veterans' mental health care.

Kaiser strike: Mental health workers to picket over staffing, benefits  The Mercury News

Thousands of Kaiser Permanente mental health workers plan to go on a five-day strike beginning Monday, Dec. 10, staging pickets around California and ...

Wisconsin training health providers to care for aging population

Dr. Matthew Weiss' “patient,” an older man playing the role of an 80-year-old with diabetes, told Weiss he recently fell on the way to the bathroom and hit a ...

Vehicles will receive a HUD element for health in Fortnite v7.01  FortniteINTEL

Fortnite Patch v7.01 will bring a nice quality of life change to vehicles in its Battle Royale mode. A new HUD element will be added to display your current ...

Rockford conference teaches women about health  WIFR

A women's conference in Rockford stressed the importance of women prioritizing their health.

Crisis in New Zealand health services as depression and anxiety soar  The Guardian

A landmark inquiry has found New Zealand's mental health services are overwhelmed and geared towards crisis care rather than the wider population who are ...

Bogus psychiatrist lied on her first day at mental health trust  BBC News

Misconduct papers show Zholia Alemi could have been stopped on her first day at a mental health trust.

'Chaos' at health board means it doesn't even know how many patients it cares for, says AM  Daily Post

Llyr Gruffydd launched his criticism after a response to a Freedom of Information request about enhanced care at home.

Third of sick days due to ill mental health  ITV News

Two equality bodies are meeting to discuss how best to provide support for employees in Northern Ireland dealing with mental health issues. Over 160 ...

Historic hospital site set for new lease of healthcare life  South Wales Argus

A FORMER hospital site that played a crucial role in the healthcare scheme that inspired Aneurin Bevan to pursue the setting up of the NHS, is set for a new ...

£145m health boost for Peterborough and Cambridgeshire patients - including new children’s hospital  Peterborough Telegraph

Patients in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough will benefit from an investment of £145 million in health and care facilities. Investment includes £25 million for ...

Kathleen Lynn: Pioneering doctor, socialist and public-health campaigner  The Irish Times

Vote 100: Founder of St Ultan's children's hospital looked for political and pragmatic solutions to deprivation.

Health benefits far outweigh the costs of meeting climate change goals  World Health Organization

Meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement could save about a million lives a year worldwide by 2050 through reductions in air pollution alone. The latest ...

Most adults living unhealthy lifestyles  BBC News

A survey in England suggests nearly 9 in 10 have at least one unhealthy trait such as smoking or drinking.

Adams Board Of Health Ask To Be Involved In Bowe Field Camping

ADAMS, Mass — The Board of Health asked to be notified about activities held at Bowe Field. The board met with Agricultural Fair organizers Charles Felix and ...

For Your Health  Martinsburg Journal

Blood drives to be held in the area. MARTINSBURG — The following blood drives have been scheduled: • Tuesday, noon to 5:30 p.m.: Calvary United Methodist ...

Fitness fan, 38, ‘poisoned’ by acne drug Roaccutane which he says ruined his health, sex drive, and left him a ‘physical wreck’  iNews

Tom Shearer believes his health was destroyed by prescription drug Roaccutane, given to thousands of people each year.

Social Movements for Health  nesta

The Social Movements for Health Programme will support up to seven emerging social movements to grow their influence and impact on health and care.

Mothers band together to run mental health support group  BBC News

A peer support group run by mums helps others who developed mental health issues after giving birth.

Are health cover premiums fair?  Livemint

How do you know the industry is charging you more than it should? In insurance, one of the yardsticks is the claims ratio, which is the ratio of claims paid to ...

Are Eggs Healthy? Here’s What Experts Say  TIME

Here's what to know about egg nutrition, including whether yolks will raise your cholesterol and the healthiest way to prepare eggs.

Former Norwich City star shares struggles with depression at mental health awareness event  Eastern Daily Press

A former Norwich City star was among the guests sharing their stories at an event to raise awareness for men's mental health in memory of a Lowestoft ...

Healthcare is failing people with mental disorders  The Irish Times

Most of these premature deaths are due to physical health conditions and this must be addressed.

NY lawmakers to study mental health help in juvenile justice  Kansas City Star

New York state lawmakers want to hear from the public about mental health services in the juvenile justice system.

Cocaine-fuelled mental health nurse launched terrifying sex attacks on lone women  Liverpool Echo

Colin Gorst is serving a two year jail sentence and has been permanently banned from working as a nurse.

Mental health: Five people called Met Police 8,655 times in 2017  BBC News

Five people racked up 8,655 calls to the Metropolitan Police in 2017 - costing £70,000 to answer. What did the top five repeat callers have in common? Mental ...

Sky Views: Leave or Remain, Brexit is bad for your health  Sky News

Brexit will be bad for your health and your health *service*. There will be no upside for the NHS or the wider health economy from any scenario the country faces in ...

10 myths about your health busted – including cracking your knuckles will give you arthritis and eating late a  The Sun

EVERYONE'S mum warned them about going out with wet hair for fear of catching a cold, while teachers told us not to crack our knuckles to prevent arthritis.

Discharged mental health patient 'stuck' in locked unit for a year  BBC News

A vulnerable patient who was stuck in a mental health hospital's secure unit for almost a year had her human rights breached, a watchdog said. Bureaucratic ...

Health and Social Care Secretary commits £12 million to get South East Coast ambulances back on the road more quickly  GOV.UK

Patients in South East England will benefit from £12.28 million in new funding to support paramedics to get on the road faster, Matt Hancock confirmed today.

Advocates share data on childhood trauma, adult health  Miami Herald

Health officials and advocates for New Hampshire children are releasing new data on the connection between adult health and stressful or traumatic events in ...

Health technology expert panel meets for the first time  GOV.UK

The Healthtech Advisory board will advise Matt Hancock on his technology vision for health and social care.

Man with mental health problems killed himself after being sent home by QE Hospital  Birmingham Live

Michael Wheeler was 'one of most poorly' mental health patients paramedic had ever seen.

Mental health crises to be treated within four hours in new NHS target  The Telegraph

People suffering a mental health crisis will receive help within four hours, under NHS plans to give such problems the same priority as physical health.

NHS Scotland publishes tech guide for health and care workers  Digital Health

NHS Education for Scotland has published a learning resource for health and social workers to help them get to grips with new digital health technologies.

Norfolk and Suffolk MPs demand answers over NSFT | Health  Eastern Daily Press

MPs will demand answers over the future of the region's mental health trust at a meeting with regulators.

Are teachers the key to their pupils' mental health?  BBC News

Why dozens of schools are giving students lessons in mindfulness to improve behaviour and health.

Health benefits far outweigh the costs of climate change, WHO report says

The health benefits of meeting climate change goals far outweigh the costs a World Health Organization (WHO) report released on Wednesday, Dec. 5, said.

Get active by age three, new health guidelines urge Americans  BBC News

Americans as young as age three have been encouraged to engage in physical activity, according to new federal exercise guidelines. The guidelines, last ...

Youth mental health report in charts  BBC News

Nearly one in four young women has some form of mental illness, a new NHS report has found. LGBT teens are also much more at risk. The findings are based ...

How enzymes keep you healthy

How enzymes keep you healthy on Spectator Health | Digestive enzymes have been (figuratively) under the microscope recently, with fantastic claims that ...

Officer denies using excessive force against mental health patient

A police officer alleged to have used excessive force before a mental health patient went into cardiac arrest has claimed he felt in 'immediate danger'.

Best supplements for the heart: This specific B vitamin can help boost heart health  Express

BEST supplements for the heart: The heart is the most important organ in the human bodily and measures to keep it in tip-top shape are very important.

Pete Davidson shares personal note about mental health and online bullying  The Independent

Pete Davidson shared a personal note broaching the topic of mental health on his Instagram account on Monday. The comedian, who has previously opened up ...

CCGs object to demand for GP at Hand payment  Health Service Journal

London commissioners have contested demands that they help pay for the escalating cost associated with GP at Hand, according to committee papers.

New fathers to be offered mental health treatment on NHS  The Independent

NHS England has announced that new fathers will be offered mental health screenings and treatment if their partners are suffering from illnesses such as ...

The athletes starving themselves for success  BBC News

Extreme dieting is leading to cases of Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport among men and women.

Ejercito hopeful for Universal Health Care bill enactment before Christmas  Philippine Star

The Senate ratified the Universal Health Care Bill on Monday afternoon, according to a report in The STAR. Sen. Joseph Victor “JV” Ejercito, the bill's principal ...

Durham County Council 'worst affected local authority in England' for public health cuts  Chronicle Live

Concerns have been raised about public health services in County Durham as council bosses prepare to face the highest grant funding cuts in England.

Saintvicious resigns from FlyQuest and apologizes after "inconsiderate" mental health remarks

League of Legends coach Brandon 'Saintvicious' DiMarco has resigned from his position with NA LCS team FlyQuest following comments which sparked ...

Maintaining good mental health during finals | News  Iowa State Daily

Most college students can agree that the most stressful time of year is upon us: finals. Students have been working hard the past several months and often have ...

NHS to introduce mental health checks for new fathers  The Guardian

Health *service* in England to offer help for men whose partners experience health problems.

Children's development being 'stifled' by nursery bosses' fear of health and safety laws, Ofsted warns  The Telegraph

Children's physical development is being "stifled" by health and safety as teachers are too scared to let them play outside, Ofsted has warned. Nursery bosses ...

Nauru in the grip of a mental health crisis, MSF report reveals  The Guardian

New data from Médecins Sans Frontières shows extremely high rates of suicidal ideation and suicide attempts on the island.

Gary mayor: Administration weighed employee cost, savings with health care provider change  The Times of Northwest Indiana

GARY — Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson said her administration carefully weighed employee impact against costs savings before opting to go with AIM Medical ...

New health ward named after Norfolk sea vegetable  Eastern Daily Press

A new ward being built as part of a £4m project to bring King's Lynn's specialist adult acute mental health services onto one central site is to be named after a ...

Health and hospitals top priority for NSW voters  The Sydney Morning Herald

Health and hospitals have emerged as the top priority for voters ahead of the state election.

Mental health: Firms ask PM to deliver on pledge  BBC News

Bosses ask the PM to honour a pledge to give it the same status as physical health in the workplace.

Health Department Breaks Down Smoking Demographics  NBC 29 News

Virginia health officials have released the commonwealth's latest adult tobacco-use survey results. The data breaks down smokers and nonsmokers by race and ...

Healthcare technology markets: 5 predictions for 2019  CIO

Our work with healthcare enterprises indicates that health systems are investing in specific programs such as telehealth and remote monitoring. While these ...

Our Future: After the Queensland bushfires: what price on our health?  The Northern Daily Leader

As Queensland starts to recover from a record-breaking extreme heatwave and unprecedented bushfire season, it's important for us to pause for a moment and ...

Leicester mental health services 'not good enough' according to man in charge of them  Leicestershire Live

Peter Miller has admitted that improvement across the *service* is required.

Holiday Weight Gain Is Real–but Here's Why You Don't Need to Freak Out About It

The amount of weight most people gain over the holidays isn't excessive, but it is real. Here's what a nutritionist thinks about holiday weight gain.

Exclusive: Nearly two-thirds of rugby players suffer mental health problems after retirement  The Telegraph

The true scale of rugby's mental health crisis can be exposed today as shocking new figures reveal that 62 per cent of retired players have suffered problems ...

Bruce Springsteen opens up about his mental health: ‘I know I am not completely well’  The Independent

Bruce Springsteen has revealed he's suffered two emotional breakdowns, one of which he believes he should have been hospitalised for.

The Paleo diet: everything you need to know about the caveman diet.  Netdoctor

We speak to an expert to find out whether the paleo diet is the secret to healthy living or just another fad.

Healthcare company sentenced after patient fatally injured  Health and Safety Executive

A healthcare company has been fined after a vulnerable patient suffered fatal injuries during a minibus journey. Nottingham Crown Court heard how, on 16 ...

Good days and difficult days: Imperial staff on mental health | Imperial News  Imperial College London

MENTAL HEALTH - Imperial staff share their personal experiences of mental health and work in a new video.